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While on a trip to the Bahamas with my family, my sister and I decided to venture off into the wilderness.  The weather was hot, sticky, and balmy.  My sister took her shirt off and I couldn’t help but stare at her.  Her light chocolate skin and her perfect stomach and tits were enticing.  That was my favorite family vacation….


Irving Penn

1. Three Tulips (Red Shine, Black Parrot, Gudoshnik) (1967)

2. Cigarette No. 52, New York (1972)

3. Daisy with Water Drops, New York (1968-69)

4. Old Man (Dahomey) (1967)

5. Iceland Poppy/ Papaver nudicale (B), New York (2006)

6. Lion (1986)

7. Rose, Colour Wonder, London (1970)

8. Moroccan Running Children (Rabat) (1951)

9. Dandelion/Taraxacum officinale, New York, (c. 1973)

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